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As a single mother of two with a passion for budget travel, a mental health counselor with over a decade in the field, and a budding entrepreneur in the financial services industry, I am excited to help women and moms on their journeys of financial independence, self-discovery, and adventure.  I respect your individualized path and value your unique gifts, and also strive to give you the “kick in the pants” you need to move forward in your life.  I am straight-forward and empathetic, honed on providing results for those ready to work!

Ways to work with me

Money, Mindset and Travel

Coaching, Consulting and Writing


Do you feel lost when it comes to money and you just want to sit down with someone to work out a plan?  Do you have money goals but don’t know how to achieve them?  Do you want your money to work for you and not the other way around?  I'm offering free strategy sessions for a limited time!

Mindset Coaching

Are you struggling with loss of identity after having children and need help finding yourself again?


Are you at the precipice of a big life decision (whether to get married, have children, divorce, sell all your things and travel the world, etc.), and you want clarity, direction, and help on assessing your path?  


Do you know there’s more to life than how you’re living it right now yet you struggle to live up to the potential you know you have due to life circumstances or limiting beliefs?  Do you want help overcoming barriers and setting goals to reach greater alignment in your life?


I provide coaching on all of the above.  If you’re curious whether we would be a good fit for one another, let’s have a 15 minute chat to find out!  

Coaching packages start at $199 for three 1-hour sessions. 

Travel Consultation and Planning

Are you a mom that wants a break?  Do you yearn to travel?  Do you need help in gaining the confidence to take the leap or need help strategizing on how to afford it and negotiate it with your partner?  Do you want the type of soul-searching adventure that will be transformative in your life but you’re unsure how to make it happen? Do you need help planning your adventure or learning how to travel on a very tight budget?  


I have been traveling on a budget for 20 years and manage to fit it in as a busy mom any way I can.  I’ve traveled as a married mom, a single mom, with kids and without. I am a master at being resourceful and can help you travel with very little money.  While I can help you with a goal to lay on the beach at an all-inclusive resort, I specialize in transformative adventures that get you out of your comfort zone, get you in touch with local culture, and shake up your life.  Latin American travel is my specialty but most of my guidance can apply to any area of the world.  


If you’re curious whether we would be a good fit for one another,  let’s have a 15 minute chat to find out!  

Coaching packages start at $199 for three 1-hour sessions. 


If you are interested in the perspective I provide, ask me about guest-writing on your blog!  Likewise, if you think you can provide value to my site, pitch me on an idea to guest-write for Vagablonde Life!

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