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Escape, Recharge, Save Thousands

Take a break.  Recharge your battery.  Plan that trip you've been craving.  Join other moms in our 5-day challenge group to learn all the tricks and hacks to make your dream a reality!  Fly away! 

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by being a mom and just want a break? You love your kids more than anything, but you look back with fond memories of life before?  Do you sometimes long for the freedom and energy you felt? Do you wish you could get away and reconnect with that feeling; that version of self before motherhood took over?  Being a mom is the greatest gift but let’s be real; the stress can take a toll.  


I was right there with you, and still am at times!  After I had my second child, an uneasiness started to build in me; I felt I had really lost touch with myself and I developed a pressing desire to get away and discover who I was again.  I knew I wanted to reconnect with my passion for travel.


I see travel as an incredible gift that holds a mirror to your life, propels you out of your comfort zone, and forces you to look at everything from a new light.  It is joy.  It is spontaneity.  It’s like a jolt of life to the veins.   It reminds me of what I’m capable of and reconnects me with humanity.  I did not want to wait until my kids were grown up to experience this again.  

I booked a trip to Nicaragua, found a travel buddy on Reddit, and I haven’t looked back since.  I try to travel at least a couple times a year, and I’m starting to bring my kids along as well!  I know I need to fill my own cup before I can fill everyone else’s, and when I’m doing what I love, I can be an even better mom to my little ones.  I love modeling for my daughter that she doesn’t have to put everyone else’s wishes and desires ahead of her own; it’s okay to pave her own path.  


I am not someone who has a lot of money.  I make these trips possible because I’m savvy and have learned to prep, plan, research, and hack systems.  Unlike the other travel hacking gurus out there who speak primarily to young couples and singles, I want to help MOMS realize their dreams and see that travel is possible for them too, despite the extra limitations they have.  It’s not going to look the same for us moms, but it sure can look amazing.    


Since having kids, I’ve saved thousands of dollars hacking travel to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Portugal, and domestic travel within the States.  Although the pandemic is restricting our movement right now, there is nothing stopping us from dreaming and plotting our next great escape.  There is no time like the present to start setting the wheels in motion and I’m so excited to support other moms on their journey towards more freedom and fulfillment.  Who’s ready to take the leap with me?!

I want to share with you what I have learned. I’m on a mission to inspire moms to make themselves a priority, so I am hosting a FREE, no fluff, 5-day challenge to teach and inspire you and a community of other moms.  This may be the only time this mom-centered group is run at NO CHARGE.  Join me before the doors close on June 19th! 


Meet your facilitator

Claudia is a mom of two who works full time as a counselor in the beautiful state of Vermont.  She has been creatively saving on travel for two decades and is proud she has been able to find a way to pursue her passion for travel even through the trials and tribulations of motherhood.  She is excited to share her secrets and to empower other moms to take more adventures!

What You Can Expect From the Challenge?

You will...

✅Overcome mindset barriers that prevent you from taking action on your dreams.  Mom-guilt to mom-empowered!

✅Turn reluctant partners into supporters.

✅Have an action plan that ends in booking travel. 

✅Gain the confidence needed to fly away, so you can come home with renewed energy and perspective on your life. 

You Get...

Support and strategies for overcoming barriers to travel (mindset, time, partners,etc.)

✅Step-by-step walk-through on planning a getaway you love and can afford. 

✅Money-saving strategies that will save you thousands of dollars on travel, even on just your first trip.

✅Free tools that take you from dreaming, to preparing, to planning, to flying! 

✅A community of other moms who want the same as you and can cheer you on in your journey


FREE 20 min strategy call with Claudia if you sign up by June 12th. 

✅FREE session on solo travel and finding a travel buddy

Q & A

Who is this for?  Any mom interested in saving money on travel can get value from this group.  It is ideal for moms looking for a transformative adventure, BUT it is also great for any mom who just wants to learn how to save money on travel, whether they want to travel with friends, partners, or the whole family. Really, you don't have to be a mom to benefit, but much of the content speaks to moms directly.  If you're okay with that, sign up!

What is the time commitment?  This group will last approximately an hour per night for 5 nights in a row.  It will extend for a bonus experience if you would like.  There will also be emails and brief homework assignments to complete between our meetings.  It is not designed to overwhelm you, but to give you tons of value!

What is the format?  The group will meet via a private Facebook  group that you will be invited to if you enroll. We will meet each night for 5 nights in a row and there will be fun activities and homework in between our meetings.  Our meetings will have instructional components and pieces that require engagement so that we can benefit from one another and build a supportive community.  

Is this group for beginners?  This group is aimed to help moms who have never traveled to moms who are experienced travelers.  The travel-hacking strategies that are taught in the group are beginner to moderate, so if you are already an advanced travel-hacker, you can sign up for the other topics we will discuss and add your knowledge and expertise to the group.  

Why is it free?  This is the first group of its kind that I am running and I want to use feedback gained here to run paid groups in the future.  This group is not a sales group.  It is intended to provide you with concrete, actionable information that you can put to use immediately.  I am charging a small fee for the supplementary e-book and may offer services for those who want to go deeper when the challenge is over, but this group is designed to be a stand-alone challenge packed with value. 



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