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Do you have a vagabond within, looking to escape?  Are you a dreamer?  Does life get in the way of you executing on your dreams?  Welcome to my page!  No matter what your journey has been, your best life starts NOW!  From looking your best to feeling your best, to harnessing the power of money so you can fulfill your dreams and travel the world, I hope you find inspiration in my stories and practical advice.  Stay and play and let me take you on a journey. 


Welcome to my blog!  I am a divorced, forty year old mom of two little beauties ages four and eight, energized to make this the best decade yet, and hoping I can provide inspiration for you to do the same!  I grew up in Vermont, left for a time, and came back to make it my home. While I love the culture and landscape of where I live, I am a sort of vagabond at heart, always on a quest for more.  Blame it on the bitter cold of where I live. Blame it on my multi-cultural background and exposure to travel at a young age (my mom is Brazilian and half of my family lives there). Blame it on my introspective, introverted nature that’s always plotting and analyzing.  Blame it on highs I have felt through pushing through a fear to get to the other side. Blame it on having a fiercely independent mother who rose up from adversity to show me what is possible with grit, courage and ambition. These experiences, and many more, guide me and the inspiration for this blog.    


I seek to challenge the trappings and conventions of daily life, yet recognize I must find peace with them out of necessity.   I am a regular person working a 9-5 job as a middle school guidance counselor. I have a degree in counseling with over ten years of experience in the field.  I can’t help but bring this perspective along with me in all that I do.  I am on a forever journey to live my truth and more unapologetically live life my way. I seek to get out of my comfort zone through adventure and travel, to nourish my body, to help myself and others achieve financial independence, and to love myself and others more fiercely than ever before.   I absolutely love to get out of cold Vermont and see the world, and am incredibly savvy at finding money-saving hacks to allow me to do so! 


I live a quiet, little life in a small town in Vermont.  Summer and Fall here are my favorite and I love to get outside and swim, kayak, bike, and hike.  Seeing my children on a part-time basis allows me to truly savor the moments we spend together. We love to ride bikes, have dance parties, go playground-hunting, and just be silly and cuddly together.  I believe beauty can be found in imperfection so come with me on this journey. Let’s lift each other up, have a good time, and live the best life we can live!  

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