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Bulletproof Diet: 9 Reasons Why It’s My Diet of Choice for 2020

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

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2019 was the year of being loose with my diet.  For the most part, I prepped healthy meals and did a good job with not going overboard with my portions, but I was NOT on point.  I definitely allowed myself treats on a regular basis (I have a massive sweet tooth that is difficult to tame). Especially towards the end of the year, I really let myself go...like, bad. I ate all the treats, ceased trying to eat healthy, and I even stopped exercising for a few weeks (something I have always been consistent with). Needless to say, about 15 pounds have crept back on and I’d like them to be say farewell!  

Losing weight is not easy.  The older I get, the more I can tell how “on point” I need to be in order to keep weight off.  The comfortable weight I hover around is usually about 165. As a 5’8” woman, that’s about 10 pounds heavier than I would like to be.  Currently I am at 174. It certainly could be a lot worse, but it’s not where I want to be. I am not obese by any means, but I’d like to tone up and see what my body is capable of when I fully commit to an evidence-based plan.  I am the type of person who starts something but has a hard time sticking with it when it gets tough. I want this time to be different. Having you as readers and followers as I bare all should give me iron-clad motivation.  Right? I’m hoping.  

Before I get into the why behind my choice to try Bulletproof Diet as my latest attempt to shed unwanted weight and hopefully get shredded in the process,  I would first like to toot my own horn and let you know that I have successfully lost large amounts of weight in the past.  And it was no easy feat! With both of my pregnancies, I gained 60 pounds (not including the baby). I was admittedly a miserable pregnant person...both times.  In an effort to combat the constant nausea and other discomforts, my eating ballooned me into a version of myself I don’t care to recall. I was in survival mode.  After I had my son, it took me about a year and a half to lose the 60 pounds I had gained. After my daughter, I lost the 60 pounds plus 10 more in about half the time!  More on how I did that in another blog post.  

Although I know the formula to lose weight in a healthy way, and I’ve used several methods for doing so, I am a person who needs change and variety in my life. The thought of going back to those old strategies feels miserable and boring to me, and to get my head in the game (and I need my head totally in the zone to resist temptation), I need a new approach.  I came across the Bulletproof Diet through listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Armchair Expert.  Dax Shepard was interviewing Dave Asprey, creator of Bulletproof coffee and renowned professional biohacker.  What he had to say really spoke to me and I became interested in learning all I could learn about his methods.  Not only did his weight loss methods sound effective, but they were packed full with other health benefits as well.  

I started listening to his podcast and I read his book The Bulletproof Diet, cover to cover. 

Here are my top 9 reasons for choosing Bulletproof Diet as my diet of choice in 2020, with a goal to lose 15-20 pounds by the time I take a trip to Spain in April.  

No counting calories or measuring portion sizes!  

The diet focuses on eating low carb, high fat, nutrient-rich foods.  There’s a component of intermittent fasting that puts your body into a state of calorie-burn.  You eat the right foods at the right times and don’t have to spend time and energy calculating everything.  The simplicity of it is appealing! Click here for the complete guide to intermittent fasting for beginners. Click here for the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap that breaks down the foods you need to eat and when. 

It’s healthy and I get to put butter! 

The diet is a nice mix of being able to have some carbs and eat lots of healthy fats that are high in nutrients.  It focuses on foods I should be eating anyway because they are really good for me. We’re talking low toxin, organic, farm-raised, the way nature intended it, yummy-goodness.  Theoretically, the satiation I will feel from the fats will help me with my cravings AND I get to drown my veggies in grass-fed butter! Yes, please. 

Torch calories with less exercise and more fat! 

Staying fit is important to me so I still plan to exercise 5-6 times per week, BUT with this plan, that much exercise shouldn’t even be necessary for losing weight.  I hope to stick to my 30 minutes a day, with mainly muscle-building workouts. I may have to play with time of day for my exercise. Currently, I start at 4:30 in the morning in order to give me enough time to get to work (yes, I work early)!  Given that I will be fasting until about noon or 1:00, this might be too much on my body. I don’t want to be a hangry lunatic at work, so if that’s too rough on me, I may move my exercise to the evening. Not ideal for me, but we shall see. 

Mental clarity and energy!  Because of the nutrient-rich goodness of this diet, a side benefit to hopefully losing weight, is experiencing less brain fog and more energy.  Who doesn’t want that? 

Coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz!  Okay, so that’s a Ben and Jerry’s flavor that is delicious if you haven’t tried it, AND not allowed on this plan.  BUT, this diet allows me to have my morning coffee that I so desperately enjoy and do not want to part with. I love the fact that coffee is not only encouraged, but having coffee made the bulletproof way is allowed during the morning fast, and is supposed to give you the calories you need to feel satisfied while not taking your body out of ketosis (a process that happens while you fast that allows you to burn fat).  Dave Asprey can explain how that works WAY better than me!   

Science and results!  Dave Asprey explains the biology behind why it works, cites study after study, and accounts years of biohacking he has done on himself that have given him results.  Not to mention the countless guests he has on his podcast ranging from ordinary people who have had major success with his strategies, to science experts who corroborate his claims.  I’ve spent quite a deal of time absorbing all of this information to be convinced, and let’s just say, I am drinking the kool-aid at this point. Now it’s time to get my own results to know if I am a true believer or not.

Only the best ingredients!  The diet focuses on putting only the best ingredients into your body.  We live in a world of processed foods and industrial farming, which is pumping our bodies full of junk that is just toxic for us.  I buy into the notion that this affects our energy levels, our longevity, and makes us more susceptible to illness and cancer. I do believe that many of our modern health ailments can be prevented and cured with feeding our bodies properly.  The choices available to us and the economics behind making healthy choices in this day and age, have made it next to impossible for people to eat healthy, but I’ve been fueling my body with junk for far too long and I’m willing to do what it takes to make a change!

Anti-aging!:  I am not getting any younger but eating in this healthy way is supposed to help me look and feel younger, and live longer.  Bring it on!

Better for the environment and animals!  The type of food this diet requires me to eat happens to also be better for the environment. By eating organic, I’m supporting methods of farming that are more natural and less taxing for the earth. By eating only grass-fed and pasture raised animals, the animals are treated more humanely and the earth is treated in more sustainable ways.  Industrial meat production is killing our planet and torturing our animals. I have joined my local food co-op to make more conscious choices and have also subscribed to Butcher box to get only the best, most nutrient-rich meats.  

Throughout my blog and on social media.  I will be documenting my journey on the Bulletproof Diet. The good, the bad and the ugly; I plan to share all. Here are my before pictures, weight, and measurements:

Starting Weight:  174 pounds

Right Arm: 12 inches

Right Thigh:  22 inches

Hips:  39 inches

Chest: 38 inches

Waist:  34 inches

I do have a few reservations. 

Intermittent fasting scares me a little.  I hate feeling hungry and I don’t want to feel deprived or over-exerted if I exercise while on a fast.  Supposedly, I shouldn’t feel this way given the type of exercise I do.  

Temptation. I really struggle when it comes to eating junk food, especially if it’s free and in front of me.  I worry I will continue to have my same struggles with giving in and won’t have my head completely in the game.  This diet is supposed to eliminate cravings.  

Cost:  It’s more expensive to eat healthier.  Bottom line. 

Aside from the fasting, these are all challenges I have faced before and I know I can do it.  I just have to be prepared and keep my head in the game. Stay tuned for more posts and follow me on social media!


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